KISS Races is a non-profit organisation born from a group of busy fathers wanting to participate in racing on Zwift at a time that suited their schedule around young families.  We created KISS and had our first scheduled race on Monday 21st December 2015 at 8pm, there were 35 participants with the race being won by Pascal Evers.

Our intention was to provide easily accessible racing without any complicated rules or joining instructions using the more gamified functionality of Zwift.  In the early days we even allowed bike swaps on the fly.

Now, over 3 years old. We have organised some of the biggest racing events and series on Zwift; the Tour de Zwift, the first ever Virtual Cycling World Championships, KISS Chase and we even organised Pretzel race in support of the Canyon Bike Mission.

We’ve seen many changes over time with the introduction of the Event Module, the joint development of live data presented in the form of, split starts and the “bug” that allowed swapping bikes on the fly being written out by the developers at Zwift.

We continue to evolve, test and develop our racing series and with the support of the community and close links with Zwift, will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in Virtual Cycling Racing on Zwift.

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