For KISS races to run smoothly (for both the racers and organisers) certain rules need to be adhered to, they are outlined in this document. If something is unclear the KISS organisers absolutely reserve the right to determine the outcome in a manner that is both fair and in their opinion in the KISS or Zwift communities’ interest.

Rider naming convention to be used

Your rider name and Strava activity MUST contain the following:

First Name Last Name [Team Name] Race Tag (Category) e.g. John Smith [Best Team] KISS (B)
Your Strava activity save name Must contain Race Tag (Category) e.g. Zwift London – KISS (B)

YOUR IN GAME NAME: Please add KISS and your CAT. to the end of your name. Click edit profile on your dashboard: or via the Zwift Mobile App

YOUR NAME KISS (X) where  X = category (see below)

You will not feature in the results if you fail to do this.

Can I race without a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)

For all KISS races a HRM is required for CAT A racers to qualify for race position.

All other categories do not require a HRM.

Your category selection

Find your FTP by using one of the FTP tests on zwift to give you a figure in WATTS. Divide by your weight in kg then pick the correct CAT. below:

CAT A: 4.0 W/kg FTP or higher. Performance over 5W/kg?
CAT B: 3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg FTP
CAT C: 2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg FTP
CAT D: Under 2.49 W/kg FTP

The zPower Rule

zPower racers with avg. W/kg over the duration of the race of greater than 3.99W/kg will not be eligible for CAT or Race Wins. Cat A racers are required to wear a heart rate monitor.

Racers producing over 5w/kg average will be disqualified. They can be reinstated if close real life power meter verified performances can be provided.

Performance over 5W/kg

If requested to do so you are expected to send KISS your .fit file for your Zwift race and also a real life ride .fit file that you consider to be representative to the KISS organisers for comparison. Failure to provide appropriate .fit files will results in automatic disqualification from the event in question and possibly ongoing disqualification. In the event that you fail verification then we will assign an appropriate handicap so that you may continue racing. Failing to ride with this handicap will results in an automatic Disqualification. This handicap may be subject to future revision.

Race Handicap

If racers cannot produce real life efforts matching efforts on Zwift if they exceed the 5W/kg rule they will be eligible to race if they agree to adopt a handicap determined by the KISS organisers or their designated performance assessor.

Different types of KISS Races

  • Road Race

Join the event either using the Zwift Mobile App or when logging in. When you join the event you will find yourself in the starting pen. The countdown tells you when the race will start.

DURATION: Road races vary in length and duration; see the event listing for further details
POWER UPs: Allowed at all times
BIKES: All allowed

  • iTT (individual Time Trial)

Mass start individual time trial. Join the event either using the Zwift Mobile App or when logging in. When you join the event you will find yourself in the starting pen. The countdown tells you when the race will start.

DURATION: iTT will typically be either 10 miles or 25 miles in distance
POWER UPs: Not permitted or possible
BIKES: Only TT bikes are permitted. Riders on road bikes will automatically be disqualified.

  • TTT (Team Time Trial)

Due to current limitations within the event module the TTT
DURATION: TTT will be of variable distance depending on course
POWER UPs: At all times
BIKES: Only road bikes are permitted

You do not need to be a member of a Zwift Team to compete. If there are 4 unaffiliated racers that want to club together then this is OK.

The category you enter must be the same as your highest category participant. For example if you have 3 B racers and 1 A your category is A.

Teams of 3 or 4 racers. Finish time will be taken from 3rd rider to cross the finish line.

Start times will be published a few days before the event

It is essential you leave at your alloted time. You have 60 seconds to cross the start finish line.

The clock starts ticking from the 1st rider to cross the line and stops on the 3rd rider. This is the same for 3 or 4 man teams. Rolling start is permitted and indeed recommended.
All racers must have KISS (X) in their name where X is your team category. Usual KISS category rules apply. You can have mixed category teams but you will be entered in to the category with your highest categorised rider. So a team with 3 B racers and 1 A will be racing in A category.

  • KISS Chase

Similar to the Australian Pursuit Race or APR. Also known as fox and hounds.
KISS Chase is a handicap race in which groups of racers set off at intervals with the intention each group seeks to chase down the group in front and all groups come together at the finish for the strongest racer to win.
Racers need to pre-register and have ridden the course PRIOR to the event and they will be allocated to the appropriate group. Non registered racers and those entering the incorrect group will be disqualified.
DURATION: KISS Chase like the road race will vary in length and duration; see the event listing for further details
POWER UPs: Allowed at all times
BIKES: All allowed

How can I see my position during the race?

  • Use the “Live” feature at by navigating to your race page and clicking on the “Live” button in the upper right hand corner.
  • Not all KISS races will have live results, sometimes due to technical difficulties. Live positions are updated as racers pass certain points on course. Some courses have more checkpoints than others, but the “Live” feature is the most advanced method to track your position.
  • The “Riders Nearby” list on the right side of the in-game heads up display (“HUD”) can also give insight into your position in the race.
  • Only riders participating in a race using the event module will appear in the list.

Where are the results posted?

Is it possible to have an avg of 4w/kg and an avg of 148 bpm ?

  • It is possible, if the rider can show that 148 bpm is their typical aerobic response.
  • Inquiries into a specific rider’s performance are best handled in private. Please message a race organiser and they can help you initiate the complaint process.

What happens when you exceed category limits

  • Category limits can be exceeded in two ways; the first:
    • Exceeding limits by more than 0.1 w/kg
      • You will not appear in your category results and will receive an “UPG” tag in the ZwiftPower results.
      • Please upgrade in the next race.
      • You have been flagged, and will not appear in the lower category results because you are capable of performing in the next category.
  • The Second
    • Exceeding limits by less than 0.1 w/kg.
      • You will receive a check mark next to your name in ZwiftPower.
      • You should consider upgrading as soon as possible
      • Once you have received three check marks for three races above the w/kg boundary, you will receive a “UPG” on your 4th race above the barrier.
      • After 3 check marks are received, you will no longer appear in the lower category results.

Can I warm up before the race?

  • Yes, but make sure your bike, kit, and in-game name reflect the requirements for that KISS race. Please change your name before logging in to join the event module. If you change after logging in, the results logging system may not recognize that you are participating in the race.
  • If the above conditions are met, feel free to ride around the course or pedal on the virtual trainer in the starting pen until it is time to go. If you are pedaling around course, be sure to click “Join Event” in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Have you considered to organize races for specific trainers eg. Neo / PM to ensure a (more) level playing field ?

  • We understand the desirability of having races exclusive to verified riders, but currently there is no way to limit who can start a race, there is also currently no way of specifically identifying these riders in our result system.
  • KISS races have developed into the dominant Zwift racing platform even while some of our races have some “questionable” user participation. The results engine takes care of these riders, and they should be ignored during the race.

Can I race using zPower?

Yes, however in KISS races (and many others) riders using zPower and producing more than an average of 3.99w/kg are not eligible for category/race wins.

What exactly do I need to do prior joining the race?

  • Change your in-game name to the required format using the Zwift Mobile App or your account on
  • The best thing to do is sign yourself up for the event using the Mobile Link App on the day prior to your target event. If this is not possible, you can select the event in the top right corner of the screen that appears just before you start your ride. If you do not complete either of these options, you will not be entered into the event.
  • Warm up (the starts of KISS races are always 200% efforts. The best strategy is to go as hard as you can for 30 seconds and drift to riders behind before settling in).

Which events have staggered starts?

  • KISS Americas on Tuesdays
  • KISS Chase
  • KISS Europe on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • KISS Second Base

Are they scary and unwelcoming, maybe I should stick to group rides?

  • No.  We are a dynamic community that is happy to answer questions.
  • Racing is the best way to get fit in real life, and Zwift is no different.
  • Let us know if you are nervous, the organisers are happy to talk with anyone anxious to try out a race!