Jacek’s Story

My adventure with Zwift has begun in December 2015. Since that time, I have participated in about 15 KISS races.

Some of them I have managed to win (It wasn’t so difficult riding on a zPower trainer). As a result of those performances I was caught by ZADA  Currently I am in riding in Zwift with higher parameters (height and weight).

During all the races I was all the time supported by my son who is the best fan-supporter of myself on the one hand and this situation as well as the feeling of sport competition caused him to start his own adventure with Zwift on the other.

When it comes to my goals for 2017 they will not be rather associated with my person but just with my 6 years old son (Marcel).

For almost 20 years when I was playing basketball and during 6 years on the bike I know that sport teaches self-discipline, perseverance, cooperation, responsibility, but also allows you to experience the bitterness of defeat. And it is from failures that we can derive much of science – but it is very hard to explain to a small child.

Last year we tried to get to the local section of the bicycle for young children, but then it turned out that my 5 and a half years old son was not able to keep pace with slightly older children.

After the initial discouragement we collectively agreed that we will train together during the winter time so as to be prepared for the new season. As a goal we set ahead of ourselves in 2017 the family MTB marathon (parent and the child go hand in hand).

As it happens with young children motivation waves come and go. Unfortunately, having only one trainer (in addition zPower) we are not able to train together on Zwift what probably would help us to increase the frequency of training on the one hand and spend time together on the other hand.
Today, as you can see in the pictures enclosed, there is sometimes the queue to the trainer and Zwift

An addition, my personal goal for year 2017, will be again to participate in the challenge (#podiasummersocial – 7 days to drive as many kilometers) and improve the result from 2016 when I was able to ride 925km and take 4th place, missing the podium by less than 10 kilometers only.

My Setup