How do I register with ZwiftPower and link Strava and Zwift to my profile?

  • Visit and in top right click the down arrow and select register
  • Accept the user agreement then fill in the user registrationform and click submit
  • Once registered click on the ZP in the top left corner to go back to the home page
  • Using the down arrow in the top right again enter your login details and select login
  • Once logged in click the down arrow in the top right and select Connect with Strava and then Authorize. You have now linked your ZwiftPower profile to your strava profile.
  • The next step is to add your zwiftID. Again, from the top right select the down arrow and then select profile
  • Click the down arrow on the settings bar. From here you can set your Zwift ID, TimeZone, Country, team etc.
  • Once you have filled in all the details click Update. Happy Racing.

Why do I not appear in the results on

ZwiftPower Results Progress
The zwiftpower results go through 3 stages. The first is a strava scan for activities.  You must have completed the race segment within the given time and named your strava activity correctly.  This stage provides an estimated completion time but is based on a “chip time” basically the time it took to complete the designated segment. This also gives us more accurate power information. And acts as a backup when our live data capture fails for some reason. Downside, it’s not “gun time” and is subject to skew from local PC clock variations.

2nd phase is where we apply live data we capture from Zwift. This includes bike/weight/height and accurate time information as well as any detected power up usage. This is a manual process the race organiser(s) needs to initiate. At this point the organisers rules are also applied. Indicated by the outline of a star after the race listing.

The final stage is the results get marked as finalised. Again, a manual process. Indicated by a solid star after the race listing.

In the race view the current time stage is indicated by 3 boxes just above the race title. If the box is black as indicated in the image above then that stage has been completed. It’s best not to query the results at the first stage of the process. If you still don’t appear in the results after the second box shows as completed then it is possible you have not linked your strava/zwift profiles with your ZwiftPower profile. Please see instructions above. Once completed please contact the race organiser.

Why do I appear at the bottom of the results?

If you appear at the bottom then one of the race organisers rules has dictated that you do not appear in the results. The red circle will indicate a code and by clicking in the “i” it will tell you why you have been removed from the results. If this is not correct then contact the event organiser in the first instance.

The results show me in different position/time to that which was witnessed in zwift

This is entirely possible. What you see on screen does not necessarily always reflect what actually happens. There can be a slight delay in your device receiving updated positional information from other riders. Especially if this is during a bunch sprint. Zwiftpower sees all riders from a fixed point of reference and therefore is more accurate than what individual riders may see.

Zwiftpower time is different from my Strava time why?

Strava uses a “chip time” method basically the time it took to complete the designated segment. Zwiftpower calculates your time based on the start time of the event.

For example lets say Strava has you down as completing the segment in 32 minutes.  This is the time it took from the start of the segment to the end.

Zwiftpower uses the time you cross the finish line after the event start time.  So if it took you 32 minutes but you started at 8:03pm and the event started at 8:00pm then your finish time is 35 minutes.

How do I create a zwift team?

There is official team setup on Zwift.  It is all community based.

All you need to do is find some zwift riders who would like to create a team with the same ideas and general ethos and create your team.  It is worth checking the name is not already in use either by a real life team or an existing zwift team.  Mainly due to when Zwift opens the ability to request your own team jersey ingame that there are not any clashes.

Once you’ve got some like minded individuals that want to ride/work with you as part of a team setup a secret Facebook group or a way to communicate and share idea.  I say secret because you don’t want people snooping in on team tactics 🙂

Once you have done that you are ready to setup your profile.  Follow the steps in the “How do I register with ZwiftPower and link Strava and Zwift to my profile?” section above and under settings enter the agreed team name, making sure the format is the same for all members.


How do I show I am available for recruitment in to a zwift team?

Once you have followed the steps in the “How do I register with ZwiftPower and link Strava and Zwift to my profile?” section above and under settings put a check in the box that says “Available for recruitment” this will put a magnifying glass next to your name on any results and show teams that you are available.

How do I add my account to

  • Sign up for an account at
  • Once signed up the part of your URL that appears after is your beam channel. For example
  • Once you have followed the steps in the “How do I register with ZwiftPower and link Strava and Zwift to my profile?”
  • In the settings section of your profile add the part at the end to the Beam ID box and click the Update button

How do I view current streamers on Zwift?

If riders are currently streaming and have a live account (see above) that is linked to their ZwiftPower account then they will be viewable here:

Selecting the rider you want to view from the thumbnails will display their channel along with chat in the main view window above.